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The Number 1 Adrenaline Pumping Water Sport on Anna Maria Island

Insider's Guide Flyboarding

Looking for a unique and adrenaline pumping activity while you are visiting Anna Maria Island? Flyboarding should be number one on your bucket list. We've gone to the source to discover what it takes to be jet propelled into the air and set our hearts a racing. Jonathan Brokhoff is the owner of Top Gun Flyboards and he has graciously shared his knowledge with us.

What is Flyboarding?

Flyboarding is an amazing new water sport that harnesses the power of flight by using water jets which propel you into the air. It's the perfect opportunity to get together with your friends and family to share in an unforgettable activity.

Flyboarding a new water sport

Is Flyboarding easy to learn?

I like to say that "Flyboarding is easy to learn and hard to quit." We have Certified Flyboard Instructors that can easily teach you the basics while having fun, and keeping you safe.

All clients wear a personal flotation device and helmet and easily float on the water until they get the hang of how the jets will propel them.

Here's a step by step fly board tutorial, video guide.

Once you are comfortable, the instructor will increase the RPM's which will propel you out of the water and into the air. Taking the 'worm' position with your body and pointing you 'toes to your nose' allows you to stand up. The 'ironman' position which means your body is straight will keep you standing up above the water.

Once you are up, you simply shift your weight on opposing legs while bending the other leg to turn left or right. To move forward you point your toes, to move backward you move your 'toes to your nose'. It's that easy and really intuitive once you get up.

How long will it take me to get up?

Flyboarding does take balance and coordination of your feet to turn and move forward and backward. It usually takes most clients about 10 minutes to stand up and start flying.

My kids want to try it, is there an age or weight requirement?

There are size and age requirements.

Kids who are between 15 - 17 years old must have parental consent.

Boarders must have a minimum weight of 100 lbs and a maximum of 300 lbs

(45 kgs to 136 kgs).

Boarders feet must range between size 6 - 14. Water shoes are recommended to help with gripping the board but are not necessary.

What happens when I fall? Will the board drag me down... do the jets push me under?

Well, the board floats and your personal flotation device (life jacket) will keep you up.

The Certified Flyboard Instructors are trained for safety and will cut the RPM's or thrust of the jets as soon as you enter the water.

Man Flyboarding on Vacation

How high can I fly?

The maximum height is 25 feet which is about 7 and a half meters, but our instructors will only take you as high as you are comfortable with.

How much does it cost?

30 Minute Flights are $99

60 Minute Flights are $179

Group Experiences are $649

All Day Experiences are $1,199

What do I bring with me?

A photo ID with your birthdate is required along with your receipt and a beach towel.

Water shoes and a wetsuit are optional based on the season.

We have drone video packages available too so if you forget your camera we can catch your flight on an awesome video.

What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?

If inclement weather occurs we will reschedule your booked session to make sure you don't miss out on your experience. If the weather continues and rebooking is not possible a full refund will be offered.

How do I book a flight?

You can book a Flyboard experience easily online. We have live availability so you can reserve your spot to suit your schedule. It's a popular sport so we advise visitors to book well in advance. We take all major credit cards and provide an itinerary to guests.

Book Online Button

Our thanks to Jonathan for his expertise and sharing his knowledge with us. We think this would make the perfect Father's Day or Birthday gift in addition to a memorable vacation experience. It's on our bucket list and we can't wait to share it with our guests at Anna Maria Island Home Rental.

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