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Fishing on Anna Maria Island

Insider Guide to Fishing - ANNA MARIA IS

Fishing is incredible on Anna Maria Island all year!

Whether you prefer to fish from a pier, backyard dock or out in the open water, there is something for every type of Florida fisherman. Beginners and seasoned anglers find the waters abundant with all types of fish.  The waters surrounding Anna Maria are an exciting playground for sport fishing.

This Insider Guide to Fishing the area surrounding Anna Maria Island, Florida is the ultimate guide for any angler or fisherman/fisherwoman. You can carve out your perfect visit for lots of fishing action, excitement, and bounty that the Gulf of Mexico waters are known for.

Need to get outfitted for your day on the water head to Pine Avenue local angler's shop AMI Outfitters for anything you need in terms of gear, clothing, and local advice. They will even hook you up with some local fly fishing too.


If you are looking for a great fishing charter head to our Things to Do page where you can book a charter. AMI Charters is also a great local option for a great fishing charter. Check out Captain Scott's fishing reports on his website for more details.

It's Anna Maria Island Beach Life at it's best!


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Florida Fishing Regulations
Nautical Chart.jpg
Anna Maria Island Nautical Chart
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Fish Species
Shore Fishing Sunset.jpg
Shore Fishing Locations
Aerial Rod n Reel Pier.peg
Anna Maria Island Fishing Piers
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Fishing Seasons
Anna Maria Island
Nautical Chart 

Need a nautical chart to navigate the waters around Anna Maria Island? Click the button below to print out NOAA's Nautical Chart before heading out for a fabulous day of fishing and boating.

NOAA Nautical Chart of Anna Maria Island
Anna Maria Island Nautical Boat Chart

Insider Tips

  • When boating around Anna Maria Island always keep a sharp eye out for markers and stay in the channel. The waterways surrounding the island are super shallow and can change from a deep area to under 1 foot of depth quickly. Avoid running aground by staying alert.

  • Always check the local weather and radar maps. The weather can change quickly in Florida especially in the summer months where thunderstorms are abundant at days end,

Florida Fishing Regulations
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Do I need a license to fish in Florida?

Florida Fishing License Requirements: 

"Florida Residents and Visitors need a Florida huntingfreshwater fishing or saltwater fishing license unless they are a member of one of the "exempted" groups of people listed below. Your license is required to be with you when you are engaged in the licensed activity. Replacement licenses cost $2.

A fishing license is required to attempt to take fish.  If you cast your line, catch nothing, catch and release, or catch and keep and you are not a member of one of the groups listed below; you need a license.  A saltwater fishing license is also required to attempt to take any native or non-native marine organisms, such as crabs, lobsters, and marine plants.

Licenses and permits are required to help or assist in the take. Someone who is passively participating (setting decoys, calling birds or baiting hooks), whether actively fishing or hunting or not, must have a license."



Children under the age of 16 and resident seniors who are 65 or older are not required to purchase *most recreational licenses. However, officers may ask exempt children and seniors for proof of age. Seniors should also be prepared to show proof of residency.

Nonresident seniors, need to have a Florida hunting license and permits and/or a recreational fishing license and permits, unless fishing with a charter captain, from a charter vessel or otherwise properly licensed vessel or from a licensed pier.


(Exerpts above are from the Florida Wildlife Commission website. For full updated details on licensing and exemptions please visit www.fwc.som)​

Be alert and follow the rules!

We've witnessed the FWC arrest people in handcuffs and tow boats to shore for people committing crimes!

"Out-of-season and bag- and size-limit fishing violations are a second-degree misdemeanor, carrying a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and $500 fine per violation. Major violations are first-degree misdemeanors, which carry a maximum penalty of a year in jail and $1,000 fine per violation, plus a civil penalty."

Shore Fishing on Anna Maria Island
Map of Shore Fishing Anna Maria Island, Florida

Shore Fishing Etiquette & Rules: 

The beaches of Anna Maria Island are for everyone the swimmers, the snorkelers, the fishermen too. That said there are some rules to follow and proper etiquette to adhere to so that accidents are avoided and everyone enjoys themselves. Fishing along the coastline of Anna Maria Island is permitted in areas that aren't designated as Public Parks.


There are designated areas for parks and public beaches in each village of the island. Anna Maria has Bayfront Park and City Park designated as public swim areas. Holmes Beach has Manatee Beach Park designated as the public swim area and Coquina public beach is found in Bradenton Beach on the lower end of the island. All of these swim areas should be avoided by fishermen as they are high traffic areas where children and swimmers are active. All other areas outside of the pink ovals are areas where shore fishing is permitted.

Remove all fishing gear, hooks and fishing line from all fish caught as well as the beach area while you are fishing and when you depart the beach. This helps to keep the marine and shorebirds thriving and healthy.

Map of Shore Fishing Areas on Anna Maria island 

Look for the Fishing Rods! 

Shore fishing areas are indicated with fishing rods in the maps below.

Avoid Circled Areas

Avoid areas that are circled in pink as those are designated public swimming areas.

Anna Maria
Shore Fishing Area
Shore Fishing Locations North End Anna M
Holmes Beach
Shore Fishing Area
Shore Fishing Locations Manatee Public B
Bradenton Beach
Shore Fishing Area
Shore Fishing Locations South End Anna M
Anyone can learn to fish...
Enjoy Kellan Hunt's YouTube Fishing Adventures on Anna Maria Island
Fishing Piers on Anna Maria Island, Florida

Fishing Piers

Aerial Rod n Reel Pier.peg
What Fishing Piers are found on Anna Maria Island?
Anna Maria Island City Pier
Anna Maria Island City Pier

Anna Maria City Pier - 100 S Bay Blvd, Anna Maria, FL 34216

Latitude: 27.529948 - Longitude -82.726317

The AMI City Pier has been in this location for over 100+ years and is a great spot for fishing. They sell licenses to fish off their pier as well as a spot to grab a cold beer and a bite to eat if you can't catch your dinner. It's a great come as you are, everyone welcome attitude at this spot. Nightly live music makes this a great and cheap option for drinks at sunset.

Rod n Reel Pier Fishing Pier.png
Rod n Reel Pier

N Shore Dr, Anna Maria, FL 34216

Latitude: 27.538218 - Longitude -82.741042

Established in 1947 Rod and Reel Pier is located at the northern tip of the island and is a great place to catch fish, watch for manatees, dolphins and more. The building houses the main level bar and upstairs casual dining option. Note: sometimes service can be a bit salty so take it in stride and enjoy the views, breezes and laid back Old Florida vibe.

Bridge Street Pier End of Dock.jpg
Bradenton Bridge Steet Pier

200 Bridge St, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217

Latitude: 27.465314 - Longitude -82.697204

Established in 1921 The Bridge Street Pier is located towards the south-eastern side of the island on the inter-coastal waterway. This pier is one of the prettiest and is the longest on the island for plenty of room to spread out and fish to your heart's content. Historically, it used to be the only bridge to the island before the new Cortez bridge was built. It's a great spot for Bay fishing.

Coquina Beach - Anna Maria Island Home R
Coquina Beach Piers

6th, 10, 13th Streets, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217

Latitude: 27.465314 - Longitude -82.697204

Although not officially piers, these 3 cement groins serve as barriers to the prevailing ocean waves to keep the beaches intact. They are a good option if you are on the south end of the island and want to drop your line in the Gulf of Mexico. Note: there are no services on these groins meaning there is no shade, no bait shops and no places to purchase licenses to fish.

Fish Species

Fish Species Saltwater Regulations
AMI Charters Sheepshead.jpg
What kind of Fish Species are found near Anna Maria Island?

Not sure what you're fishing for? We've got you covered. You can find an abundance of saltwater fish in and around the waters of Anna Maria Island, Florida. The list below is just a sampling of types of fish and sharks found in the area but if not mentioned below may be are a prohibited species to fish and retain. For the full guide including size limits on the Gulf side, seasons and bag limits download the FWC QuickChart for Florida Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations

Reef Fish found near Anna Maria Island

  • Amberjack (Greater, Lesser, & Banded Rudderfish)

  • Barracuda

  • Black Sea Bass

  • Grouper (Black, Gag, Goliath, Nassau, & Red)

  • Hogfish

  • Permit

  • Red Porgy (Jolthead)

  • Sea Catfish

  • Snapper (Red & Vermillion, Mutton, Gray/Mangrove, Schoolmaster, Blackfin & Wenchman)

  • Tilefish

  • Gray Triggerfish

Pelagic Fish found near Anna Maria Island

  • Cobia (Ling)

  • Dolphinfish

  • False Albacore (Little Tunny)

  • Mackerel (King, Cero & Spanish)

  • Tripletail

FWC Florida
Saltwater Fish Regulations
FWC Regulations PDF.png
Download Regulation Chart
Coastal Fish Species found near Anna Maria Island

  • Black Dum

  • Blue Runner

  • Flounder (Southern, Summer & Winter)

  • Gulf Kingfish

  • Pompano Dolphin (fish)

  • Jack Crevalle

  • Red Drum (Redfish)

  • Sheepshead

  • Snook

  • Spotted Seatrout

  • Striped Mullet

  • Tarpon

Shark Species found near Anna Maria Island

  • Bonnethead

  • Blacknose

  • Blacktip

  • Bull

  • Finetooth

  • Hammerhead

  • Lemon

  • Nurse

  • Silky

  • Sandbar

  • Spinner

  • Smooth Dogfish

  • Tiger

Insider Tip

There are size limits and restrictions on which type of shark species you may fish and keep. Check with the list of prohibited species on the FWC Regulation Chart above to avoid fines. 


Fishing Seasons

Fishing Seasons Anna Maria Island Florida
AMI Charters Egmont Key.jpg
What are the Fishing Seasons on Anna Maria Island?

There are some recreational fish species that have a year-round open season like Mackerel, Sheepshead, Bluefish, Cobia. Then there is a selection of certain fish that have some closed or restricted seasons like Snappers, Groupers, non-prohibited sharks, etc... Find out what the seasons are for Gulf of Mexico fish on the Florida Wildlife Commission's Seasonal Chart below.

FWC Florida
Recreational Fish Seasons
Florida Saltwater Fishing Season Chart.p

Fishing Artificial Reefs - Anna Maria Island

Use the Manatee County Artificial Reefs Map further below to chart your course to epic reef fishing around Anna Maria Island. Also, use our chart below to take note of the longitude and latitude of the artificial reefs around Anna Maria Island for some great fishing action.!



Bulkhead Reef

Depth 15 feet

Latitude 27.3319 N - Longitude -82.4237 W



Southeast Tampa Bay Reef

Depth 14 feet

Latitude 27.3290 N - Longitude -82.4030 W



Seven Mile North Reef

Depth 40-41 feet

Latitude 27.3239 N - Longitude -82.5270 W



Emerson Point Reef

Depth 12-16 feet

Latitude 27.3184 N - Longitude -82.3877 W



Three Mile North Reef

Depth 30 feet

Latitude 27.2999 N - Longitude -82.4700W



One Mile Reef

Depth 20 feet

Latitude 27.2941 N - Longitude -82.4499 W



Bradenton Beach Pier

Depth 4-10 feet

Latitude 27.2799 N - Longitude -82.4165 W



Coquina Near Shore Reef

Depth 8-15 feet

Latitude 27.2699 N - Longitude -82.4183 W



Seven Mile South Reef

Depth 40-42 feet

Latitude 27.2659 N - Longitude -82.4920 W



Three Mile South Reef

Depth 30-31 feet

Latitude 27.2656 N - Longitude -82.4485 W



Bayshore North Reef

Depth 10 feet

Latitude 27.2450 N - Longitude -82.3610 W



Bayshore South Reef

Depth 10-11 feet

Latitude 27.2390 N - Longitude -82.3560 W



Whale Key Reef

Depth 10 feet

Latitude 27.2350 N - Longitude -82.3625 W

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Plan Your


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If you're seeking a fun and active way to soak up the Florida sun while spending quality time with your loved ones, fishing in the surrounding waters of Anna Maria Island is the perfect activity for you. Our island waterways are full of reefs, and an abundance of marine life, providing the perfect setting for a fishing adventure.

But before you hit the water, you'll need a comfortable and convenient home base for your stay. We are thrilled to offer a variety of luxurious rental options with fishing docks including our highly sought-after deep canal waterfront rentals. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discover your perfect vacation rental and start planning your ultimate Anna Maria Island getaway.

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