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Insider Guide to Biking on

Anna Maria Island

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Here it is our Best Insider Information about Biking on Anna Maria Island


Read all about our comprehensive Biking Guide, full of bike paths, routes, and trail maps along with our Insider Tips on the best places to stop and see or experience epic island adventures for all ages. We've got you covered for a fabulous vacation with your family when it comes to riding bikes on Anna Maria Island, Florida. Come explore Anna Maria Island on two wheels and enjoy the natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere of this charming island.


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Download the Free Bike Route Maps we've provided for the paths and routes we recommend in each city on the island.

Visit Bradenton - City Pier and Bikes_ed
Holmes Beach

Anna Maria Island in Florida offers an enjoyable biking experience with a variety of biking paths and bike trails. While the city's bike path is not solely dedicated to bicycles, it offers a mix of multi-use paths that are shared with pedestrians. The bike route starts at Holmes Beach and runs northward along Gulf Drive to Willow Avenue. Cyclists can turn left to visit Gulf Front Park or turn right to continue biking northward along Jacaranda Road or Pine Avenue.


If you choose Pine Avenue, you can bike all the way to Bayfront Park, continue on to North Bay Blvd to North Shore Drive Street to cruise past the Rod and Reel Pier all the way up to a great stop at Bean Point. Bean Point is a fabulous beach with relatively no sunbathers because of difficulties with parking nearby. You will have to park your bike at the bike stand and walk through a tropical path out to the beach. Truly stunning! 

Pine Avenue has some sidewalks and meandering paths that helps share the road with traffic and pedestrians.

Recommended Anna Maria Bike Stops

Kid's Bike Loop

A quieter loop for younger riders is the Jacaranda - Gladiolus Street street trail. Keep in mind this is a shared road with vehicles. However there is less traffic on this loop for younger riders. 

  • If you head down Crescent Road from Gladiolus you can stop at Bay Front Park where there is a children's playground to enjoy right on the beach.

  • A stop at Two Scoops ice cream on the corner of Pine Avenue and South Bay Blvd is a great way to end a bike ride.

Adult's Bike Stops
  • For older bicycle riders we recommend making your way down Spring Avenue towards the beach where you can stop at The Sandbar Restaurant for a cocktail right on the beach.

  • The City Pier is also a great stop to enjoy a cheap wine or beer while watching what the locals are catching.

  • For a romantic biking stop in Anna Maria we recommend heading to Bean Point with a lunch basket. Bean Point can be found at the tippy top of Jacaranda and North Shore Road.

Anna Maria Biking

Anna Maria Bike Paths

Anna Maria Bike Route Map

Download this handy City of Anna Maria Bike Map specifically for the village of Anna Maria where our vacation rentals are located. Click the photo to download the map.


Holmes Beach Bike Paths

Holmes Beach Biking

It's worth noting that although Holmes Beach is the largest city on Anna Maria Island, it currently lacks official bike paths. While cyclists can take advantage of sidewalks on Gulf Drive, it's important to keep in mind that this is a road that is shared with vehicles. We recommend bike riders in Holmes Beach are advanced due to the shared road situation. 


While the city is generally bike-friendly, it doesn't offer dedicated biking trails. If you decide to bike along the scenic roads, it's essential to remain aware of cars in the area to ensure your safety. Nonetheless, with its stunning natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, biking in Holmes Beach is still an enjoyable experience that is definitely worth exploring.

Recommended Holmes Beach Bike Stops

  • Some scenic routes to take are a ride from Marina Drive to the end of Key Royale Drive to admire the homes that lead to the private golf course. 

  • A nice loop exists up gulf Drive around to Palm Drive which leads into Marina Drive. You can end your ride at the Plaza which has a nice ice cream and candy shop to cool down.

  • Depending on which way you are heading a trip up or down Gulf Drive to Manatee Avenue will lead you to the public beach. This spot has a playground for kids, restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Skinny's Dive is close by to grab a great burger too.

  • A good route with less traffic for younger riders is Holmes Blvd to the sidewalks found along Palm Drive which leads into Marina Drive. 

Holmes Beach Bike Route Map

Holmes Beach Bike Trail Map (1).png

Bradenton Beach has and long network of bike routes that make it a fantastic destination for biking enthusiasts. The bike paths at times provide dedicated lanes for cyclists, which help ensure their safety while allowing them to explore the area's stunning natural beauty. Starting at the southernmost end of Bradenton Beach, the bike path runs along Gulf Drive and travels through the city's charming downtown area.


From the downtown area, the bike path goes on to connect with the scenic Coquina Beach bike path, where you can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and lush greenery. In addition, several bike rental shops are available in the area for visitors who don't have their own bikes. So, if you're looking for an active and adventurous way to explore Bradenton Beach and the surrounding areas, be sure to take advantage of the excellent bike paths available.

Recommended Route for Youngsters is Coquina Beach Bike Path

In Bradenton Beach, the multi-modal path is simpler. Rather than meandering through residential areas, the path predominantly tracks down Gulf Drive until it meets up with the Longboat Pass Bridge along Coquina Beach. This is a safe path for younger bike riders that is only used for pedestrians and bikes. Biking is a fabulous way to enjoy Anna Maria Island for any age group. Our recommended route for youngsters that need guidance would benefit from the long bike path on Coquina Beach.

The Coquina Beach bike path is approximately 1.5 miles long. It is a paved path that runs through the beautiful Coquina Beach area of Anna Maria Island, Florida, offering stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and lush greenery. The path is suitable for bikers of all skill levels and provides a safe and scenic route for exploring the area.

if you aren't located near Bradenton Beach load the bikes up on the Free Trolley to get to Coquina Beach Bike Paths with the whole family. (See tips further below.)

Recommended Bradenton Beach Bike Stops

  • The Coquina Beach Bike Path is an excellent trail. If you ride your way to the parking lot area often times on the weekend you can experience the Beach Bazaar with local vendors selling their beach wares.

  • Bridge Street in the heart of the downtown area is another great stop. You will find the circular round-about which identifies this area off of Gulf Drive. Here you can walk your bike down the sidewalk past the ice cream and candy shop, mini putting golf course to the historic Bridge Street Pier where you can look for manatees and dolphins, fish or grab a bite at the Anna Maria Oyster Bar restaurant. 

  • Off of Gulf Drive between 2nd and 3rd street you will find the Beach House Restaurant right on the beach which is a great spot to grab a cocktail or meal. 

  • All along Gulf Drive in Bradenton Beach you will find great restaurants and cafes that we recommend like Smoque House, Tahini Cafe, Wicked Cantina to name just a few.

Bradenton Beach Bike Paths

Bradenton Beach Biking

Bradenton Beach Bike Route Map

Bradenton Beach Bike Trail Map (1).png

Biking Tips

Bike on Free Trolley Tip.png

How to Use the Free Trolley to transport Bikes

The Free Trolley on Anna Maria Island is a great way to get around the island and is also bike-friendly, allowing you to transport your bike as well as yourself. Here's how to use the Free Trolley to transport your bike:

  1. First, make sure your bike is prepared for transport. Remove any loose items, such as water bottles or saddlebags, and ensure that your bike is in good working condition.

  2. When you arrive at the trolley stop, wait for the trolley to arrive and then board with your bike. The trolley has bike racks that can accommodate up to two bikes at a time.

  3. If the bike rack is already full, you may have to wait for the next trolley or consider alternative transportation.

  4. Once the trolley arrives at your destination, remove your bike from the rack and continue your journey.

  5. Remember to be considerate of other passengers and follow any rules or guidelines that the trolley service may have for bike transport.


Overall, the Free Trolley is an excellent way to explore Anna Maria Island while transporting your bike, and it's an affordable and convenient option for visitors to the area.

Bike Rentals on Anna Maria Island

Renting a bicycle on Anna Maria Island is a fantastic way to explore the island and enjoy the scenic views at your own pace. There are several rental shops to choose from, and the process is simple and straightforward.

  1.  First, decide on the type of bike that best suits your needs - whether it be a standard cruiser, tandem bike, or an electric bike.

  2. Next, choose the duration of your rental, which can range from a few hours to several days. Most rental shops offer hourly, daily, and weekly rates.

  3. Finally, provide a valid form of identification and payment, and you're all set to hit the road!


It's important to note that helmets are required by law for all riders, and many rental shops provide them for free. Most rentals are delivered directly to rental properties so why wait? Rent a bike today and experience the beauty of Anna Maria Island up close and personal with the wind in your hair and the salty breezes in the air.

Biking at Nearby Parks and Preserves


There are several parks and preserves on and around Anna Maria Island to explore. Neal Preserve, Perico Preserve, Robinson Preserve are the closest to the island. Leffis Key at Coquina Bayside is on the island. Primarily used for walking, hiking, dog walking, bird watching and in some cases kayaking. Click the Manatee County Preserves and Conservation Lands link for more information on park times and activities. 

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Plan Your Stay

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Anna Maria Island Home Rental

If you're seeking a fun and active way to soak up the Florida sun while spending quality time with your loved ones, biking through Anna Maria Island is the perfect activity for you. Our island is full of scenic bike paths and trails, providing the perfect setting for a family adventure.


But before you hit the road, you'll need a comfortable and convenient home base for your stay. We are thrilled to offer a variety of luxurious rental options to accommodate any family, including our highly sought-after waterfront rentals. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discover your perfect vacation rental and start planning your ultimate Anna Maria Island getaway.

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