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Tips to Save You Thousands on Vacation

11 Tips for Saving Thousands on Vacation

I have to admit it's my toughest conundrum, organizing and planning my family's vacation in a luxurious and exotic location without breaking the bank. Through my worldwide travel experiences..... some that actually broke the bank, I've created a complete list, with the help of 5 expert hospitality owners, on how to save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON VACATION! Yup... I mean thousands, just follow my simple tips below.

For statistical purposes I've used a four bedroom accommodation with four people as an example, if you are booking a one bedroom condo the savings will be less, but none the less, following these simple steps can result in significant savings.


Piggy bank on the beach - Vacation Saving Tips

Choose an exotic destination that is easy to get to by car, train, or plane. Taking the time to follow this extra step to investigate travel costs at the outset, which can save you hundreds of dollars. Direct flights are less expensive than connecting flight routes. Find your ideal vacation location fairly close to your home or at the very least near the country's mainland where you can find flights at a fraction of the price or better yet drive.

A flight from New York to Tampa, Florida is $350

A flight from New York to Eleuthera, Bahamas is $550


per person


This may be easier said than done due to work and kid's school schedules but it warrants mentioning. Shoulder season months, like May, September, October, November are still steaming hot in the Southern USA, at the same time hospitality rates plummet. Try your very best to carve out some vacation time during off season to save you a lot of money. This is the step that will probably save you the most and we are talking thousands!

Four Bedroom Luxury Vacation Rental - Anna Maria Island, Florida

March rental rates $3600

September rental rates $2375



Granted this is not for the faint of heart and requires more effort to investigate and find those last minute deals, but the savings are tremendous.

Nancy McAleer, a vacation rental homeowner for over 5 years

Anna Maria Island in Central Gulf Coast of Florida

Nancy McAleer - Anna Maria Island Home Rental Owner

"My tip to the best way to get your hands on a last minute deal are to sign up for newsletters with your favourite accommodation. Many times last minute deals are offered to VIP MEMBERS, occasionally at further reduced rates. Alternatively, you can set yourself up for a Google Alert."


  1. Visit and wait for the VIP MEMBER POP UP

  2. Enter your name and e-mail in the fields and press enter

  3. Newsletters arrive about once a month


  1. Visit Google Alerts page

  2. In the box: "Create an alert about", enter the words you want to get email notifications for (ie: Last, Minute, Deals, Anna Maria Island).

  3. Click Show options to set the frequency or your alerts, what types of results you want to receive, and more.

  4. Click Create Alert.

  5. Once your alert is set up, you'll start getting emails anytime Google finds new results for your keywords.

Four Star Accommodations - Florida

Average annual rate for 4 bedroom rental - Low Season $2375

Average rate for 4 bedroom rental - Last Minute Deal $1699



Tropical Backyard Beach with Tiki Hut - Sirenia Beach House - Anna Maria Island Home Rental

Sirenia Beach House

This should go without saying, check out the vacation rental options wherever you travel versus staying in a hotel. it's way more economical to rent a home versus a resort or hotel. You also garner savings by avoiding extra hotel amenity fees and savings from dining in, AND it’s a definite plus when you don’t have to share the pool with others!

Teena Kulakowski, a vacation rental homeowner for over 20 years

Four Season's Lodge in the Mount Washington Valley

Teena Kulakowski - Four Seasons Lodge Owner

"Many vacation rentals have amenities that rival hotel resorts AND there are no added fees to enjoy them all! Although some hotels charge for amenities like valet parking, Wi-Fi and arcade games, etc.... most vacation rentals include those and many others for free. Four Seasons Lodge offers a private INDOOR Swimming Pool, large sauna, foosball table, karaoke machine, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV's, huge private patio, tons of free parking, and basketball hoop"

Four Star Accommodations - Florida

Vacation Rental average rate for 4 bedrooms for 1 week $2900

Hotel average rate for 4 bedrooms for 1 week $8700*




When booking a vacation rental it does pay to take the extra steps to ensure you are booking with a reputable and trusted owner, but in the event, you skip this step DO pay with a credit card that covers fraud.

LindaLou Huiskies, a vacation rental homeowner

Villa Seashell in Curacao

Linda Lou Huiskies - Villa Seashell Owner

"Most booking sites are suggesting that it is safer to book through them, but did you know that when you use your credit card to pay for a vacation rental, you are covered for any form of fraud and misrepresentation by your card provider? "

Check your credit card for details before booking.

A Savings of your entire accommodation value in the event of fraud

SAVINGS $2900+


If you can afford to take the time off, try booking a longer stay to leverage a larger discount. Owners often prefer long term guests because they don't have to 'manage you' as you become familiar with the home and they incur fewer administration fees for one reservation versus four or more. Long term stay discounts are usually offered for 3 - 4 week stays or longer and can garner you anywhere from 10 - 25% depending on the rate and location. Note: not all owners offer long term discounts.


*ave. month stay


Tourists with guide, travelling

Simply communicating your vacation goals to the hospitality owner will help you save big bucks! On a recent trip to Orlando, I mentioned to a friend who also happens to be a Disney vacation rental owner, that we were celebrating our child's birthday at Universal Studios. She was so incredibly helpful with Insider Tips from presenting ourselves to the park, where to go, to what secrets to find. My daughter ended up getting free food and special treatment throughout the amusement park. Best of all she felt like a superstar.

DO ask the owner if they have any affiliate networks that may offer discounts for sports equipment rentals, baby rentals, and tours. You could save up to 10%!

Sarah Elder, a vacation rental homeowner for over 10 years

Orlando Insider Vacations in Florida

Ken and Sarah Elder - Orlando Insider Vacation Owners

"After a decade in the Orlando hospitality world, we've harvested a treasure trove of Insider Tips that we love to share with our guests. It's sometimes the small things that can really help create an extra special memory. We spend around 6 months a year in our area so we are always on the look out for new ideas and hidden gems."



Vacation Rental Website Listing Fees

The Houses of Manzanita

Did you know that all of those fantastic hotel and vacation rental listing sites charge the traveller money to use their booking platform? Sure it's super easy to scroll through and find the perfect vacation getaway, but you'll end up paying anywhere from 5 - 15% of the rental rate in a 'service fee'! Makes your eyes water doesn't it?

To avoid these service fees, try searching for individual owner websites, once you find the perfect accommodation, be sure to book directly with the hospitality owner through a certified, secure encrypted site, to avoid the dreaded service fee. Think Paypal, Interac e-transfer, etc...

Kim Bergstrom, a vacation rental homeowner for over 20 years

The Houses of Manzanita in Oregon

Kim Bergstrom - Vacation Rentals Manzanita Owner

"Many travelers are fans of particular vacation rental sites such as AirBnb as long as guests are aware of all fees paid that can be great. One of our favorite methods of finding the perfect vacation rental is booking directly through the owner. "

SAVINGS $145 - 435*

*ave. $2900 week stay


The Sandbar Restaurant - Anna Maria Island, Florida

The Sandbar Restaurant

Once you do book your accommodations, do research the local scene and start subscribing to local vendor and restaurant newsletters. Discounts and special events at great prices are offered everywhere, you just have to look. Sometimes just subscribing gets you an instant 10% discount.



Sailboat on a turquoise ocean

Time to take a look at scheduling and booking local vacation experiences, like restaurants, kayaking and more. Investigate if tour operators have group rates versus individual rates. It's cheaper than chartering on your own. For example, boating tours are a fraction of the price for a group rate versus a private charter.



Once you and your family have vacationed in that perfect piece of paradise and you want to come back, become a regular. Many hospitality owners offer their preferred, returning guests discounts. This may not always be the case, but certainly doesn't hurt to ask. Give yourself the best chance to save money by respecting the property, leave it in great shape when you leave, keep the noise down and respect all the rental rules and city ordinances.

Donna Martinez, a vacation rental homeowner

Abalone Bay in Sea Ranch, California

Donna Martinez Abalone Bay Vacation Rentals

"Check with your friends and ask their recommendations for past holiday stays. They may have direct contact with the owners" and can make an introduction or "Contact the owners of vacation rentals that you are familiar with to help you locate others with direct listings.... you'd be amazed at how widespread our connections are"


There you have it. If you follow these super easy 11 STEPS YOU CAN SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars on your next vacation anywhere in the world!


During our 5-year vacation rental career, we’ve built associations with some amazing owners. These are our hand-picked favorites, we know the owners personally and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them.

Sarah Elder Linda Lou Huiskes

Orlando Insider Vacations Villa Seashell

Orlando, Florida Curacao

Teena Kulakowski Kim Bergstrom

Four Seasons Lodge Manzanita Vacation Rentals

North Conway, New Hampshire Manzanita, Oregon

Sea Ranch Vacation Rental

Donna Martinez

Abalone Bay

Sea Ranch, California

Don't forget to contact us if you would like accommodations on beautiful Anna Maria Island Florida.

Anna Maria Island Florida City Pier

Beach Bums Island Attitude

Anna Maria Island Home Rental

Our mission at Anna Maria island Home Rental is to create a luxurious tropical ambiance where vacation memories are cherished.

We look forward to assisting you with planning your ideal vacation

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11 Tips to Save Money on Vacation

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