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Turtle Tips ~ Anna Maria Island

Wild sea turtles are one of the many reasons why people love visiting Anna Maria Island. Anna Maria and it's residents have been very successful in holding true to their Authentic Florida quality. It is a beuatiful island that has strongly held onto its roots by banning over-development that has changed the landscape of so many quaint Florida towns along the coast. It's quiet and calm landscape not only draws tourists but many sea turtles that return year after year to nest on this clean and safe beach.

Baby Turtle Hatchling swimming in the ocean

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Here are a few turtle tips that you may not know:

*Turtle nesting season takes place from May to October

* Turtle eggs hatch within 55 - 70 days

* Turtles love to eat jellyfish

* Loggerhead turtle is the most common nester on AMI

* It is illegal to touch or disturb a sea turtle and it's nest

* Hatchlings are disoriented by lights

Sea Turtle nests and eggs on Anna Maria Island Florida

Photo: AMI Turtle Watch

The AMI Turtle Monitoring Watch Group offers "Turtle Talks" each Tuesday during June and July at the Silver Community Center, Bradenton Beach - (103 23rd St North)

You can make a donation to the AMI Turtle Monitoring Watch by going on their website. They also have fun t-shirts and turtle gear as well.

Sea Turtle Selfie

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We've compiled a list of things you can do to help keep the sea turtle population healthy while visiting Anna Maria Island.

* Place all garbage and fishing line in a covered garbage

* Fill in holes that may obstruct or trap sea turtle hatchlings

* Remove all beach items nightly from the beach

* Turn off exterior lights from May to October

* If you see a sea turtle stay calm, quiet and standwell back, do not bock her path

* Avoid going to the beach at night and do not use flashlights or flash photos

* Do not walk over sand dunes they are protected and are a sanctuary for birds

* Do not take plastic bags to the beach

Baby sea turtle hatchling caught in net and fishing wire

Photo: AMI Turtle Watch

If you see a sick, injured or stranded sea turtle, contact Mote Marine Laboratory’s Stranding Investigations Program at 941-988-0212

If you find an unmarked nest you can be a hero and call AMI Turtle Watch with the exact location at 941-778-5638

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