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8 Reasons Anna Maria Island is NOT FOR YOU

At Anna Maria Island Home Rental we are do gooders, high maintenance, eco-friendly junkies, so we consider it part of our responsibilities to inform you of what you can expect while on Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Island has been getting incredible exposure in International media outlets around the world. People may be attracted to it's Top Rated Beaches, Family Travel Destination, Green Living and Top Island ratings in the titles of travel media. This list is intended to avoid major disappointment, to clarify the expectations of visiting the island, getting the most out of your vacation and providing you with alternatives. So here it is.... our Top 8 Reasons you need to consider before booking a vacation at Anna Maria Island Home Rental:

1. Lack of Brand Names: If you are someone who enjoys traveling abroad but likes to consume mainly brand names which your used to at home, Anna Maria Island Home Rental may not be for you. There are very few international restaurant and shopping chains on Anna Maria Island, the majority of its businesses are either boutique or mom-and-pop businesses, except for a Subway and Domino's Pizza that made their way onto the island before the by-laws were passed, you will find yourself perusing the little quirky one-of-a-kind shops and delicious local restauarants with unique menus here. Alternate option: Disneyland

2. Little Direction/Guidance: If you are a traveler, who enjoys tour groups, tour guides, and pre-organized events for activities, Anna Maria Island Home Rental may not be for you. Because Anna Maria Island Home Rental is comprised of "luxury resort style" private residences, you will be self sufficient. There are a handful of small tour opportunities in relation to recreation like boating, fishing, kayaking, sea turtle education, horse surfing, to name a few, that you will have to organize yourself. It is highly reccomended to organize these tours prior to arriving on the island to avoid disappointment. Unless you are comfortable with exploring on your own, by bike, walking or golf cart, and making your own sleeping/dining arrangements, Anna Maria Island Home Rental may not be for you. Alternate option: Try a Cruise.

3. Lack of High Revelling Nightlife: A few events, such as festivals, car shows and wine tastings are staged for both locals and tourists on the island throughout the year, but most of these events take place during the daytime to early evening. There are a few fun and quirky restauants and bars on the island that are great for listening to local musical flavour, but there is a no excessive noise ordinance in place past 10 pm, which is usually when everything is rolled up, including the free trolley run. There is no drinking allowed on the beaches. A quiet, relaxed, low key affaire is what you will find on Anna Maria Island replete with the sound of crashing waves and soft sea breezes contributing to the AMI noise pollution. Alternative option: Las Vegas

4. Potential Traffic Issues: Because Anna Maria Island is becoming more world renowned there are more travellers to the island. And yes if you didn't know it before, it is an Island with residents spending their time enjoying all the island has to offer too. There are draw bridges with boat traffic, the free Island Trolley that makes frequent stops on the main roads, as well as many pedestrian crossings that you do have to stop for. So if slowing down to a speed of 15 to 25 mph increases your blood pressure and makes you want to pull out your hair, then Anna Maria Island may not be for you. Alternate option: Daytona.

5. Following Beach and Boating Rules: If you are the type of individual who likes to call themselves an unconventional rebel, then Anna Maria Island Home Rental may not be for you. There are a number of endangered species who make Anna Maria Island their home and nesting grounds seasonally and all year round. There are "rules" and ettiquette to follow in order to keep these endangered species, like sea turtles & manatees safe for future generations to enjoy. Alternate option: San Diego Zoo

6. Minor inconveniences: Are you the type of traveler who is dismayed by minor inconveniences such as parking difficulties, little to no sidewalks, waiting for "island time" service, lack of light on streets, lack of cell phone service…etc, then Anna Maria Island may not be for you. The quaint and narrow roadways require clearance for emergency vehicles and parking with any tire on the road will get you a ticket. The lack of lighting on the island is to ensure the endangered sea turtle hatchlings head in the direction of the moon reflection on the water. Yes we Beach Lifers are that protective of our endangered species. Alternate option: Orlando

7: Little to No Golfing on the Island: If you are an avid golfer, unless you are going to join the private club on the island as a seasonal member, you will have to drive 30 to 60 minutes to get to the nearest courses on the mainland. Once there you can find yourself amid world renowned and beautifully landscaped courses. Alternative Option: Boating, Fishing, Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving....and the list goes on!

8. Anti- Green: If you call yourself anti-eco-friendly or if the idea of Green Living makes you turn green in the face, then Anna Maria Island may not be for you. Known as the Greenest Main Street in America, Pine Avenue and the Historic Green Village are some of the indications of green living that you will be subjected to in Anna Maria. Golf Carts, Bicycles and Pedestrians are the norm for getting around the island since it is only 2 miles wide and 7 miles long. The beach is always close by, so get ready to slow down and use your own energy to locomote. Alternative Option: Monaco (9 out of 10 people own a car)

Sometimes, vacationers are put off by the restrictions of Beach Life on Anna Maria Island and rightly so. We all have our own needs and requirements when on vacation. But if you are at all interested in getting "Off The Grid", Back to the Basics and Living the Old Florida Lifestyle with a Twist of Green, we're waiting for you!

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